Let the gamer beware, Forsake this game!

Condolences, dear seekers, for Perfect World Entertainment's Forsaken World (formerly "Project EM"/PEM), MMORPG. This site was once filled with hope, but now serves as a warning to gamers with even the slightest glimmer of interest.

Forsaken World has been released in "Open Beta", and brings SHAME to PWE and it's parent Company, PWB (Perfect World Beijing). FW is a Flagship of Corporate Greed, and Poor Craftsmanship..

"Come, mourn with me! Practice well your Dirges, your Nocturnes, and your Vespers! Come grieve with me, Dark Children, and together we shall conduct a Grand Funeral, scored in blood!"

We shall hunt elsewhere for the promises left unfulfilled by this Forsaken World.

Friday, February 26, 2010

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news New video, in English

New posts from both Vahrna and Asfer, at their respective blogs, so be sure to pay them a visit.
Vahrna does a good job translating "Classes, and Zodiac choices", at "AJtFW", so I'll just credit it where due, and let you chase it down.

Out in the Official Chinese forums, and as reported by Asfer in Forsaken World Fans, a new video, in spoken English. Asfer also has a contest going on, which you may wanna check out.


Max Schaefer , Erich Schaefer (Formerly of Blizzard North, now with Runic Games) , and creators of Diablo appear in this video , wishing people a Happy New Year, and praise some insider looks at Forsaken World. I know it's too early to say, but I find it interesting that in Official, they are emphasized more for being "ex-Blizzard" more than "currently with Runic". Is this a less-than-subtle stab at that "other mmo", you know, the 12 million pound gorilla? Wouldn't surprise me, in the least.

Also in the forums today, "The most romantic places in Grand Mundo", which I *will not* cover, since I have a debilitating distaste for anything "e-mance"ish. Virtual courtships, virtual weddings, ect. will catch very little play in my blog. *shudder*.

"Love is in the air". Uh, no, that's just the pollen spores.

And there's another post about mobs. My heart just "isn't in it" today, and I apologize. I will do better, in the future.

Click, Click, BOOM. Thatsalotta soul energy to collect.

Perfect World Podcast , Episode 1 is out. And Forsaken World is mentioned...once. It's given in the list of games that the podcast will be covering, so now we know for sure to keep an ear out! And, hey, it's good for general PWE knowledge anyways, it's free, and it need your interaction, so why not tune in? Not only that, but there's a contest going on for a rare resin collectable. Nope, no clues here, tune in to learn more.

And, from PWE Press : more insight into upcoming mounts for BoI, including : A motorcycle. Aw, c'mon, for real? Don't get me wrong, I love motorcycles, and have a license to operate them..irl. Having them "in game" is not for me, personally. Not for BoI, and not even for that "other mmo". What's next, a gyrocopter?
Having a "bike" in a fantasy setting really strains "suspension of disbelief" to me, and I hope it's something we never see in Forsaken World, even though that may sound snobbish, and "purist". What do you think?

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