Let the gamer beware, Forsake this game!

Condolences, dear seekers, for Perfect World Entertainment's Forsaken World (formerly "Project EM"/PEM), MMORPG. This site was once filled with hope, but now serves as a warning to gamers with even the slightest glimmer of interest.

Forsaken World has been released in "Open Beta", and brings SHAME to PWE and it's parent Company, PWB (Perfect World Beijing). FW is a Flagship of Corporate Greed, and Poor Craftsmanship..

"Come, mourn with me! Practice well your Dirges, your Nocturnes, and your Vespers! Come grieve with me, Dark Children, and together we shall conduct a Grand Funeral, scored in blood!"

We shall hunt elsewhere for the promises left unfulfilled by this Forsaken World.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

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The sound of the Forsaken World

Well, yesterday, we did some mob concept art, (more on the way), and we covered that not only is the global design ethic visual, but audible, as well. That means music. Imagine your (current) mmo, completely devoid of background music. Would stike me as really "missing something". Music inspires us, it evokes emotions. It is part of us. It enhances our experience.

Music is getting a lot more attention, nowadays, compared to my 'old days" with the very early mmo's (think "beep, boop, boop, beep, buzz!" and loop it, ad infinitum.

Music in today's MMO's is a professionally scored, full-symphonic production. Forsaken World will be no different. I was fortunate enough to run across a couple links to the music of Forsaken World ("PEM", at the time):


Are these not epic? Are they not worthy? Of course they are.

Keep you eyes, (and ears) peeled for more, as we dig it up!

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

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"It's like I'm in the game"

You want screen shots, right? Right.
You want to see it in high detail, right? Right.
You want it super big, so it fills your screen right? Right.

Well, here you go: not one, but *2* in game screen shots, clickable to their full glory. You can see the icons of the GUI really well. In the first one, it hints that there will be auto-pathing to npc's, (a feature I loved in ESO), and the second one is "in the field", and seems to be showing quest progression. You tell me.

 Map interface (click for full screen)

Quest tracking (click for full screen)

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Mob Concept Art

Well, we've seen bits, here and there, (never enough, am I right?), with data being so scarce outside of China. A lot of it is speculation, or derivations of theorycrafting based on automated translations. However, I have something to add to your imaginations, today, dear seekers, some concept art for what you can expect to battle (other than each other.it seems there *will* be territorial wars). So, without further ado, let's see them mobs, ( just keep in mind, all of this is subject to change) :

Undead Dinosaur..T-Rex just won't die.Like a Dracolich with it's wing's clipped.

Green Dragon , based on South American chameleons, and Australian Monitor Lizards 

The "Copan Croc" like your average ferocious reptile..just better looking.

Dead Wood Assassin ..because there's never enough danger, is there?
"Selassie"..I'm leaning towards 'shadowcat'..but this one looks stony, to me.

"Forest Festival"?..I'm sure I'm translating this wrong.."Please don't squeeze the Shaman" 

It seems that the design teams flew all around the world (literally 30 countries), hitting every major museum of natural history, to take elements from the global "real" world, and artfully blend them into the upcoming world of Grand Mundo.As wel as design ethics, they collected folk songs, as well, so music (so often overlooked in mmo reviews), will be as international as the eye candy being presented.

EDIT as today's added bonus , offering a video mashup from 6.cn (mostly seen before elements from Dev Diary, and CGI movie, but this one has gameplay vs. a Dragon..yeah, *now* got your attention, huh?)

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Friday, January 29, 2010

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More on Pets, screenshots, weapons

Well, since we already covered "there will be pets", more data has filtered through on the Chinese forums. Apparently there will be "regular" pets that you can capture, (and they seem to have put some work into it), but, unless I'm reading this wrong, there is a second type of pet, a "Soul Pet".(with screenshots), which is a rare drop from a mob kill? the "Soul Pet Capture Magic" is a learnable skill, and requires some level of "refinement". Apparently, you can train these up by sending them to a "Soul Pet College". From what I've read, these pets are *highly* interactive, requiring care, rewards, 'punisment' (for misdeeds), and just general attention to keep it from being bored. Can you say "Tamagotchi-to-the-max"?

"I shall name you Raziel!"

Also, a bit about weapons, (also with screenshots).With the "Infinite System", it seems that they will not only  glow,(at +6) but change shape, as well. "Some of the weapons under the cultivation of the master, or even be able to continuously change the shape, bringing the master endless surprises."

It seems that the weapons, across several grades(white, blue, orange, purple,(yellow=boss copy drop?) ect), will require "refinement", as well, whether it be via player-based skill level, or investment in the individual weapon itself, (looking like more of the latter). Time will tell. One thing is for sure, is the customization features of this game seem to be reaching far into Epic proportions, (and 'epic' is not a word I bandy about casually).And the idea of 'crosses' as a vamp weapon? Wicked intuitive, to me, (and it looks really cool, as well!)

Tell me she's not attractive.
( she's also my new desktop background )

Well, we all have our 'crosses to bear', and I for one, am not gonna be to heavily burdened about it.
"Really, it's not as heavy as it looks"

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Do you see what I see?

Gotta see these! I haven't seen these elsewhere, so odds are you haven't either. Curious? Thought so.
You really won't mind the load times, once you see 'em. (If what you see looks like an advertisement, it probably is..just wait for it to pass ;) )

Tell your friends! Feel free to link back here!

First Video : in-game flyovers, player buffs, PvP! (Yup!)  (a.k.a. "See the Forsaken World NOW")

Second Video: An early "PEM" video, (a.k.a. "The making of the CGI movie")

It is now readily apparent I *will* need to upgrade my system..it's just *too* beautiful to run on anything less than "recommended"

EDIT: You can now see the video,(youtube),and new screenshots At Cinderboy's Blog.

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More peeks at what is to come

Vaulted Halls, Circus Tents, (yes, you read that right), Temple-like ruins, and:

A Lost Lighthouse.(really, how do you lose a lighthouse?)

Yes, see all this in this translated post from the Chinese Forums. (I really need a human translator)

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Destiny is in the stars

Well, according to the Chinese forums, there will be a Zodiac system, in place, and it's the based on the standard  12 segment zodiac* (see note):
 "Like Western astrology, "Cauldron mainland" in the Star is divided into 12 constellations, each belonging to different astrology; of these, "Fire as the constellation" include Aries, Leo, Sagittarius; "water, such as Constellation" includes Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces; "wind like Constellation" including Gemini, Libra, Aquarius; "soil as Constellation" is a include the Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.  Four kinds of "Astrology" also has its own characteristics; "Lord Constellation", "up Constellation," "down Constellation" and other concepts were introduced, the fate of the Star and the players to become a three-dimensional, changing the system, and numerous kinds of intertwined variables which, complex and interesting.
That's where any previous similarities end. Apparently, a LOT of work has gone into this new system, and it ties into *just about everything*, and that's where the Astrologer Class will come in. It seems people will be checking with their Astrologers on a regular basis, because, unlike the horoscope in the daily paper, you *better* know when , and when not to, perform certain activities. Be sure  to click HERE for the translated page, plus additional screenshots.

*Note: The Zodiac dates, appear thus (in the Gregorian Calendar system):
Aries (March 21 ~ April 20)
Taurus (April 21 ~ May 21)
Gemini (May 22 ~ June 21)
Cancer (June 22 ~ July 22)
Leo (July 23 ~ August 23)
Virgo (August 24 ~ September 23)
Libra (September 24 ~ October 23)
Scorpio (October 24 ~ 11 22)
Sagittarius (November 23 ~ December 21)
Capricorn (December 22 ~ January 20)
Aquarius (January 21 ~ February 19)
Pisces (February 20 ~ March 20)

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Why, yes!

There will be pets. 

(apparently, there will be fishing, too)

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Preliminary 'insider' review

Whilst scouring the 'net for all things Forsaken, I ran across a (suggested) insider review from a cb tester in China. Please read HERE for the review. It's apparent that it's not native English, and that lends to it's authenticity. I like what I can gather, though.I've seen "Cauldron Mainland" refrenced a couple of times, now, both in this review, and via Google Translate of links off the main Chinese site, and the Chinese Forums Now, I know I saw a costal map *somewhere*...was it Cinderboy's screenshots? Nope, not there..These pics? Well, there's a map, but not the one I'm thinking of..*where* did I see that map....I guess I'll stumble back on it, eventually.Ah! Here it is...Cinderboy ftw, (again)

(click to enlarge) 

And in , somewhat, related news from the Chinese forums , it seems there is an overwhelming opinion that Forsaken World is not a re-skin of Perfect World. (subject to better translation). 

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Projected specs

Current Projected System Specs for Forsaken World (subject to revision):
Basic System Requirements:
CPU: Dual-Core 2.0GHz
Memory: 1G
Graphic Card: GeForce 9600GT
Hard Disk: 3gb

Recommended System Requirements:
CPU: Dual-Core 2.5GHz
Memory: 2G
Graphic Card: GeForce 9800GT
Hard Disk: 3gb

Now, mind you, this is way early, yet. thus far, Games "in testing" usually have higher base requirements.I have been able to run all PWE games on my laptop,(Dual 1.73GHz, 2GB ram, intel chipset video) ,with little-to-no performance issues,( nothing that couldn't be resolved by adjusting my in-game settings).   However, if need be, I will go get a more "dedicated system" in order to play. "so be it".

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Dance video from MMOsite

Okay, maybe dancing is not your thing, but from a graphical standpoint, not to mention avatar skeletal mapping, this is kind of "high end". I'm gonna guess some guy in a ball suit worked up a sweat for this one.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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My forecast for...ME

How on earth could anyone resist this? I know *I* can't.


Kindred (aka VampireFTW! )


 Bloodcontroller- Seems like a "peanut butter and chocolate" match for vamps, yes?

Yeah, yeah..there are several races, and several classes..but we just covered the cool stuff. We all know there's "swords'n'spell" stuff, too...but, c'mon..VAMPIRES! Need I say more?

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I calls it likes I sees it.

As mentioned previously, I am a supporter of PWE, but not a blind fanatic. I have a simple policy that I like to follow, illustrated thusly:

Meaning: I am a mind of my own, no simple "Yes" person. I vigoroulsy maintain my right to have a different opinion.

That being said, since there's not a whole lot "going on" this early, I thought, for conversation's sake to play "comparisons". Since a "truly, truly original idea" is about as common as unicorns, there can't help but be 2 people, worlds apart, who come upon the same idea, or vision.

For example: take these 2 screen captures from MMO Game Trailers. The one on the left is from the Forsaken World teaser, and the right from "some other" mmo:

Spooky, huh?

Okay, that was a 'simple' one. now..can you name the comparison on these? (Hint: Forsaken World on the left):

If you answered "Castlevania", then give yourself a cookie. I'm proud of you!

"Never saw Castlevania!?!" *gasp*. We must fix this! (okay, my preferred Castlevania was "Symphony of the Night"..deliciously worst voice acting..ever! Thanks to modern technology, you can watch the entire game played through, in it's entirety. ( Deity bless the tech geeks!)

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Entry , the first.

Salutations, seeker of truth! I am (name withheld pending cb), a future denzien of Perfect World Entertainment's upcoming MMO, "Forsaken World" (Formerly known as "Project EM"). I am a long time supporter of PWE's , but I am not a starry-eyed fanatic, either. I have played Ether Saga Online (ESO), Perfect World International (PWI), and beta tested for Kung Foo! and Battle of the Immortals. All, in all, good, stable games. Games that do not dissapoint, and I'm am banking on Forsaken World to be no exception, and (for me) a final stop from the eternal MMO drift that has possessed me for many a year,  now.

In coming weeks, I will expound upon the data that becomes available, and hope that you will join me on this journey.It is my intention to blog about this trip before, from the start, and far into the Forsaken World of Grand Mundo.

In the mean time, please peruse the (pre-filtered for you) selection of entries from Cinderboy at MMO Culture. 

And be sure to check out both the Teaser Trailer and the Developer Chat (Chinese), and Background Story Video (Chinese). Now I really wish I were bi-lingual. "Is there a translator in the house?"

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