Let the gamer beware, Forsake this game!

Condolences, dear seekers, for Perfect World Entertainment's Forsaken World (formerly "Project EM"/PEM), MMORPG. This site was once filled with hope, but now serves as a warning to gamers with even the slightest glimmer of interest.

Forsaken World has been released in "Open Beta", and brings SHAME to PWE and it's parent Company, PWB (Perfect World Beijing). FW is a Flagship of Corporate Greed, and Poor Craftsmanship..

"Come, mourn with me! Practice well your Dirges, your Nocturnes, and your Vespers! Come grieve with me, Dark Children, and together we shall conduct a Grand Funeral, scored in blood!"

We shall hunt elsewhere for the promises left unfulfilled by this Forsaken World.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

02 03

Fun with google translate

I'm at work, at the moment, and I'm bored. Nothing much to do, and I was thinking of the International family that will be Forsaken World. Being a native speaker of English. it is a concern that isn't much thought of, (unless English is not your native language). As I've often complained Google Translate is "sketchy", at best, and I've often laughed out loud at some of the translated posts I get from the Chinese forums. (Mind you, I have nothing but respect for a civilization that's thousands of  years old). "Is it the wet nurse of great violence?" will always rank as one of my favorites.But how many times have you played a game that didn't translate it's "localization" quite right? I'm sure we've all run into it, at one time or another.

Anyways, what I was thinking, was "What's it like for people on the *other* side of the equation?" What if you have to translate *from* English? So, what I did is took the header quote from Forsaken Journal:

Come, sharpen your instruments! Practice well your Dirges, your Nocturnes, and your Vespers! Come play with me, Dark Children, and together we shall conduct a Grand Symphony, scored in blood

Which, *I* thought was "pretty basic", and not "prone to being misunderstood".
Then I went to Google Translate, and ran it through a *series* of language changes, using several languages, like Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and French. Like a game of 'telephone', each translation was copy/pasted to be translated into the next language. Finally, when all was "said and done", I took the last translation, and converted it back to English, The result was this:

Tools to collect out! His complaint, Nocturne, in addition to the use of their prayers and the sunset! Me, come play a major symphony orchestra with our black children have a record of blood!

Nowhere *near* the intent of the original message.It made even less sense than the single translations from Chinese to English. As good as computers are, they lack the refinement to understand the context and geographic, political, and social innuendo of language. So, to all those who take the time to try to decipher Forsaken Journal out of it's native English, I say:

 Gracias por ser grandes!
Merci d'être grand!
Köszönöm, hogy nagy! 
Ačiū už tai, kad puikiai! 
Thank you for being great!

And hopefully, "soon" we'll have news directly in English, which will allow us less error in translations. Until then, I'm going to go seek out the "Wet nurse of Great Violence",

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Friday, February 26, 2010

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news New video, in English

New posts from both Vahrna and Asfer, at their respective blogs, so be sure to pay them a visit.
Vahrna does a good job translating "Classes, and Zodiac choices", at "AJtFW", so I'll just credit it where due, and let you chase it down.

Out in the Official Chinese forums, and as reported by Asfer in Forsaken World Fans, a new video, in spoken English. Asfer also has a contest going on, which you may wanna check out.


Max Schaefer , Erich Schaefer (Formerly of Blizzard North, now with Runic Games) , and creators of Diablo appear in this video , wishing people a Happy New Year, and praise some insider looks at Forsaken World. I know it's too early to say, but I find it interesting that in Official, they are emphasized more for being "ex-Blizzard" more than "currently with Runic". Is this a less-than-subtle stab at that "other mmo", you know, the 12 million pound gorilla? Wouldn't surprise me, in the least.

Also in the forums today, "The most romantic places in Grand Mundo", which I *will not* cover, since I have a debilitating distaste for anything "e-mance"ish. Virtual courtships, virtual weddings, ect. will catch very little play in my blog. *shudder*.

"Love is in the air". Uh, no, that's just the pollen spores.

And there's another post about mobs. My heart just "isn't in it" today, and I apologize. I will do better, in the future.

Click, Click, BOOM. Thatsalotta soul energy to collect.

Perfect World Podcast , Episode 1 is out. And Forsaken World is mentioned...once. It's given in the list of games that the podcast will be covering, so now we know for sure to keep an ear out! And, hey, it's good for general PWE knowledge anyways, it's free, and it need your interaction, so why not tune in? Not only that, but there's a contest going on for a rare resin collectable. Nope, no clues here, tune in to learn more.

And, from PWE Press : more insight into upcoming mounts for BoI, including : A motorcycle. Aw, c'mon, for real? Don't get me wrong, I love motorcycles, and have a license to operate them..irl. Having them "in game" is not for me, personally. Not for BoI, and not even for that "other mmo". What's next, a gyrocopter?
Having a "bike" in a fantasy setting really strains "suspension of disbelief" to me, and I hope it's something we never see in Forsaken World, even though that may sound snobbish, and "purist". What do you think?

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

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News bites

You know, seekers? I gotta start waking up earlier. It seems our friend Vahrna "got the jump" on me again, and there's already new posts up on "Journey through Forsaken World" about today's Official Chinese forums. Good job, Vahrna! (and curse you, International Time Zones!) ;) Sadly, it seems that Vahrna is a bit ill, so why not stop by , and leave some words of encouragement?
Also, Asfer is back from a blogging break, so be sure to update yourself at Forsaken World Fans. New look, and new posts. I am expecting great things from both blogs.

So, at the risk of "re-inventing the wheel", let's see what's on offer today:

Website updates coming March 8th

First news, and most timely, (for us), is the news that the Official Website will be getting a major update on March 8th (which, although "far away" is still closer than the March 25th Beta). The updated website, (already impressive), promises us a fresher, more detailed and up-to-date look at Forsaken World, (as well as offering contests, activities, and prizes for it's Chinese participants). For the rest of us, it *should* mean an international "teaser" website will be up "sooner", rather than later. However, if you're at all like Vahrna and myself, "soon" is never soon enough. ;)

Here's the screen shots form the post, (as also seen at Vahrna's blog)

Forsaken World is all about "Green Technology"

"Dawn County"

Twilight Castle. As distinctive as the Great Library.
(in this shot, it would seem the ideal Vamp starting point, huh?)

Deep Forest Fountain.

The other post is about the "story thus far", as in Grand Mundo's situation, as you enter the world. It's long, and confusing, and I really think I'll wait until the story gets 'localized', because there's far too much to "read into" it, and too many names that may be changed. Vahrna did a good job on the rough translate, and I'm content with that.

The third post, (mind you, in Official ) is not even about the game itself, rather the real world beauty of some of it's players...of the female variety. "Girls in gaming" has always been a subject of debate, (with some people foolishly convinced that 'girls don't play mmo's'.) Hogwash. I know plenty of "real girls" that play "real games", not just Barbie and Hello Kitty. And they're not all healers, either.It's my experience that people who claim "real girls don't play mmo's" are usually 15 year old boys who just got spanked in PvP by a female gamer. XD

But that, seekers, is an " exposé for another day."

*you* tell her she can't play. *I'm* not gonna do it. 

And in "non-FW" news, got a press release from Jason Varden of Perfect World Entertainment, encouraging readers to participate in the "Project Fashion" event for PWI. The contest seeks budding young designers to compose an outfit that, if successful, may be translated into an "in game" item, (and a chance to win 10,000 Zen!) How cool is that? (Now I wish I still had Photoshop!) .  
Show off your skills, even if you don't play PWI, because you could use that Zen (roughly $100 worth) , and apply it to Forsaken World, I'm betting.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Perfect World Podcasts!

Not much today on the Official Chinese forums, but there is a new news outlet you may want to check into.


Perfect World's Sam "QforQ" Houston (Senior Social Media Director) and Jason Varden (PR Manager), have joined forces to bring you "In a Perfect World Podcasts" You can expect to hear about all of Perfect World's products, and it's a likely spot to get advance information on Forsaken World, once it comes out.

You know I'll be listening.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Chinese Beta date Announced! Fashions, Magic Pet Training

Well, seekers, if you've been scouring the 'net, and reading blogs like Vahrna's , or Cinderboy's, then you already know that Beta will begin on the Chinese servers March 25th!, which is approximately one month away.
Be sure to read up at the above links, to scrutinize for yourself.

Now, on to other news of the day. Starting off with 'fashions'.
In Forsaken World, each of the 5 races of Grand Mundo will have styles that reflect their ethnic and occupational positions, inspired from some of the more visually impressive periods of history. What I would like to know is if there will be "costume" slots, to change the 'look', without changing stats. We'll find out, won't we? Let's see the pretty pixels...

 Flowery Elves
Baroque Dwarfs. (If it ain't Baroque, don't fix it!)

Vamps- Heavy Metal Gothic FTW! (Really, *how* can you compete with that?)
The "Legacy of Kain" shall continue with me.

a wild, hunter-ethic Giant

A Byzantine Human
And, knowing the near limitlessness of Forsaken World's customizations, it may be difficult to find "someone who looks like you". The attention to details never fails to impress me.

On to the next topic..

"Magic Pet development"

Well, if you've been following for any length of time, you know that there are "regular" pets than can be obtained, and there are "Soul Pets", rare drops that require specific skillsets to capture. Once you have them, you'll want to maximize their effectiveness, right? Of course you will. Forsaken World will have a "Soul Pet College" that you can send your rare pet to, (and you don't have to worry about them bringing home a mountain of dirty laundry!)
Of the dozens of Soul Pets, they can be broken down into two rough categories: "Attack" and "Support". With the proper training and refinement, your pet can potentially develop into an Uber partner, a companion for which to dominate your opposition in Grand Mundo, whether it be PvE or PvP. As with all things, "what you get out of it depends on what you put into it."

 "Habitat Valley"

"Habitat Valley" 2

"Habitat Valley" 3..with a Soul Pet.

Magic Pet Instructor. (Don't tell him the dog ate your homework)

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Monday, February 22, 2010

02 03

Finally..new posts! Strengthening stones, Trade, and Elite Suits

Well, seekers, it seems that the "dry spell" in the Official forums may be over. Not one, not 2, but *3* new posts! And, after doing "my appointed rounds", it appears that Vahrna has already got them up and posted. (See? I told you that "Journey through Forsaken World" would bear watching!)
I'm gonna post the stories here, as well, because I've needed something new to write about. Let's get caught up, shall we?

Article one: Strengthening Stones, and their origin.

Weapon before strengthening

Weapon after strengthening.

Strengthening stones are the remnants of fallen stars, from when a god falls, or dies. It comes in two basic flavors, "Star Debris" and "Star crystals". As was covered previously, you can select the number of stones to use, to improve your chances of success. "How do I get stones?" By participating in daily events in Freeport, finishing quests, or even by the Star Wheel , can you receive these valuable stones.

A local armor dealer. He can strengthen armor?

The Blacksmith. Got stones? It's hammer time!

Article 2:
 I'm not going to go too far out of my way, here...Vahrna did such a good write up, that I feel no need to "re-invent the wheel" ;) So, I'm gonna do this "cheap and easy", and , once again, encourage you to read Vahrna's post.

Freeport (with the Great Library in the distance)

An oasis trading post

Goblin City. They're living much better here, than in other mmo's

Trading stall, out in the wilds.

Article 3: Elite suits

Yeah, got your attention now, huh? Well, that was the original name of the post in official, but the actual content was about mob naming conventions, green/blue gear drop rarity, and an explanation of 'elite' mobs, and "exchange stone debris", which is reported to be a 100% drop. Now, what do you do with these exchange stones? You save 'em up, because you can exchange them  in Freeport at a "mysterious business", for gold quality armor sets.These sets are availble every 10 levels of growth, and completed sets grant additional stat bonuses. It's looking like gold sets are really the way to go.

 "Bloodthirsty warrior" set

 "energy gathering" set for Masters

 Minstrel set for Bards

"Withering" set for Blood Controllers.

Well, there it is, (in a nutshell) . Once again, I would encourage you to read up a better write up at Vahrna's blog.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

02 03

It's so quiet. TOO quiet.

Even the Official Chinese forums are silent. The only new post in Official is one celebrating one of the forums "super moderators", Ness. Not much else happening, That's kind of to be expected, whereas it's traditional to use the Spring Festival (New Years) as a sort of "Christmas Vacation". It's not at all uncommon for people to take time off, and travel to visit family and loved ones. "Calm before the storm", seekers, "Calm before the storm". All the buzz in Official General forum is speculation about the upcoming beta.

In blog news, be sure to don your hardhat, and head on over to our friend Vahrna's "Journey through Forsaken World" blog. Under construction again, (already building and expanding!)
Be sure to add the site to your bookmarks, because "smart money" says that Vahrna's blog will be a cornerstone of the FW community. There's even an "interview" section up and running, and yours truly is honored to be the first entrant into that division.
Fortunately for me, I don't see blogging as a competition, because it is my firm belief that Vahrna's blog will easily cement it's reputation, once the floodgates open, and once more people know the glory that is Forsaken World.

Other than that, seekers, there's really not much else going on.

just remember...."Calm before the storm".

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Overview: Dwarfs

Well, new post on Official forums, (and coinciding with Vahrna's Blog) , today seems to be "all about Dwarfs". Out of all 5 races, the Dwarves stand out, not for their magic, not skills with a sword, or not even for being blood sucking creatures of the night, but they are just as unconventional. They are Masters of technology.Today, we take a "short" look at this small race, and it's big impact on Grand Mundo.

She's not only cute, she can shoot the wings off of a fly at 500 paces.

Dwarfs were the one tasked with assisting the Lord God Titan in mining ore, and forging weapons. Their tough skin, short stature, energetic nature, and skills underground made them the ideal candidates. Over time, they mastered the forging technology of Titan, and wen on to create their own systems. After the first War of the Gods wracked Grand Mundo, the Dwarfs set up the Stone Rose organization, a group that expanded to encompass all races, and crafts. It is their skills and organization that ave, over time, set them at the forefront of technical and scientific excellence!

Dwarven Machine..it doesn't dispense soda pops.

Now, on to Firearms, the Dwarfs "calling card" technology. Following fearlessly in the footsteps of Verno, (a Dwarf that invented rifles on Grand Mundo, and died testing his invention), Being a race unable to use magic, and being at a size disadvantage, rifles are the complementary technology that keep Dwarfs competitive out in the wilds. That, and their unmatched speed on foot. You can't hit what you can't catch.

Dwarf cave entrance

"All aboard!" Next stop..The ThunderDome!

Without the Dwarfs, there would be a lot less technology in the world. Not only machines and rifles, but many of the other weapons created deep within Dwarven forges

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Monday, February 15, 2010

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New mini game

"Bard, Bard, Revolution!" (BBR) is a new mini game discovered by Vahrna over at "A Journey through Forsaken World" Of  course it's not *really* called "Bard, Bard, Revolution"...that's just what I call it. Awesome find, Vahrna, thank you for sharing it with us!

The game link is HERE  , and I got it to open in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, although you may have to endure a bit of load time. You'll know you've arrived when you see this:


 Clicking either button will get you in the game. , Which will bring you to the game screen, itself:

Bard, Bard Revolution!

Now, if you recall, I mentioned in an earlier post that the "Bard" Class is the only one with an extra button, a "music" button, with notes that have to play actual music. Is this mini game a demonstration of the skill that Bards in Forsaken World are going to need? I think signs point to "yes". No simple button mashing of Skill cool downs, a Bard is going to have to be focused. Better them than me, because I'd fail as a Bard.

I don't know if it was just me, but there wasn't any sound on this game, yet the premise was simple enough: time the note (A -red, S-green, D-blue, F-yellow) with the corresponding music notes scrolling on the sheet music. You get 10 misses, before having to restart. There are prizes to be gained here, seekers. For getting through the game, you get  a redirected link, with music. I played the game several times, and got the same result Are there more tracks to unlock? I dunno, I'm nowhere near good enough..but I'll bet Vahrna is. ;)

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Forsaken World, and Interior Design

Hey, seekers!
Hope you had a great holiday! I thought things would be real quiet in the Official Chinese Forums, but 'lo, and behold', a new post. And here I was, thinking they'd stay all "hush, hush" until their Beta announcement! I was wrong, and there's a new post concerning interior spaces in Forsaken World. Screen shots, and (as always) my 'rough interpretation", with unnecessary commentary. Enjoy! Also, for more on interiors, don't forget to check Asfer's Forsaken World Fans (who beat PWB at their own topic) And there's a poll going on over there at FWF, so while you're there, please take a moment to vote!

In general gaming practice, in 3d world design it's always easier to create "outdoor" scenes, versus "indoor" scenes. A lot of has to do with how we perceive the visual surroundings, and the more "true to life" the representation, the more immersive it feels. Outdoors? "Place "tree" at co-ords x,y " And poof, we have a tree. (notwithstanding that even a tree is a work of art, but generally easier due to it's generic nature). Indoors? Well, that's a different story. How do we make it *not* seem like we're inside a cardboard box? Textures, which blur in the distance, are very "up close, and personal" in an interior space, thus requiring greater detail. Now remember, in a virtual 3d world, every single thing you "see" has to be painstakingly created, and placed where you would expect to see it. Here's a shot inside the Great Library in Freeport.

Theoretically, you can read book titles on the spines. Wow.

Be sure to click on that picture, and take in as much detail as you can. That's a LOT of work, for just ONE viewpoint of ONE interior. The detail is exceptionally high. (and I tell you what, if the clock actually *works*, then forget it, FW wins for all time.)

Okay, that's a hands-down overkill of graphics. For anyone who's played mmo's over a span of years, you know how "high end" that interior is. But hey, it's supposed to be grandiose..it is the Great Library, after all. What about other places, something a little more "working class". Well, here's a shot of the interior of a shop.

I don't know what's being sold, but it looks nice in there.

Now, again, click on the pic, and see it in a larger size. While you look over the details, note that the woodgrain on the ladder is not the same woodgrain of the corner support beam, which is not the same wood as the chest, or the counters, or the floor for that matter. Look at the dynamic lighting from the hanging lantern. This is all about details, seekers..and FW hasn't spared us any.

Next up let's compare two "taverns" in Forsaken world. Not content to have one unified 'generic' tavern style, FW has some racially motivated design ethics, That is to say "A Human tavern would not look the same as a Dwarven tavern". Let's compare:

Human Tavern

Dawrven Tavern.

While both serving the same purpose, it's evident to see the designer's racial characteristics reflect the aesthetic outcome of the final result. While both can serve humans AND Dwarfs, which one do you think each race would be more "at home" in? (And speaking again of detail, did you notice the little ramp in front of the Dwarf bar? Amazing attention to detail. (I'm guessing a Vamp tavern would look more like a blood bank, or a really cool Goth Nightclub) ;)

Now, when talking "interiors", (in theory, the whole "world" is an interior, inside a sphere)., we normally think of "in a building". What about caves? Those are "interiors", as well. And when it comes to caves, nobody beats a Dwarf. From what I gather from the original post, Dwarfs, being the mechanical geniuses they are, have a series of railroad-connected caves, encompassing smelting furnaces, and production machinery, (and I would guess mining, as well.) See for yourself, (with an eye for detail.):

Dwarf Cave Interior.

Attention to detail. Yet another reason to look forward to Forsaken World.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

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PWB wishes you Happy New Year!

In celebration of the new year, representatives of the 8 classes come forward to bring you blessings at this auspicious time!

Warriors, being the epitome of courage, and fearlessness in battle, step forward to sound the clarion call of battle, wishing all a Happy New Year, courage, and all things good!

Mages, renowned Masters of elegant wisdom, with magic from their fingertips, bring you dance. Using the celebration of their rythmic movements to express holiday wishes to the players!

 Normally cautious predators of the shadows, stalking prey for a critical hit. Assassins are usually the silent ones. However, at this joyful time, they step forward with their weapons sheathed, to offer players a few quiet words of warmth and comfort.

The warm hearted healers, who bring recovery to the world, step forward to wish the players a perfectly healthy body, free from need of the frenzied attentions of your local healer.

Masters of gunpowder, the musketeers know that fireworks predate firearms. In celebration, musketeers fire out not ammunition, but bright fireworks to enhance the celebration of the New Year, with a keen eye for safety.

 Knowing that where there is music, there is joy, the bard is musically prepared for any occasion. And New Year's is certainy cause for celebration! Dressed in bright, festive attire, this particular bard needs a partner for a duet. (She's looking at you, gorgeous.)

Knowing that the New Year promises a new harvest, the Guardian brings along his pet wolf, and offers hunting parties, and blessing of  rich learning achievements. A protector of others, he encourages a large harvest!

Blood Controllers
Using their fearsome blood magic to slay enemies, and aid allies, the pale blood controllers encourage you to look after yourself, and maintain your beauty, remembering to not overwork yourself.

And these are the blessings of the 8 Class representatives. Take them with good will. Shortly after New Year's (Spring Festival), Beta will commence

"Very best in the New World -" Cauldron mainland "in 2010 invites the Global Urban Experience Season"

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