Let the gamer beware, Forsake this game!

Condolences, dear seekers, for Perfect World Entertainment's Forsaken World (formerly "Project EM"/PEM), MMORPG. This site was once filled with hope, but now serves as a warning to gamers with even the slightest glimmer of interest.

Forsaken World has been released in "Open Beta", and brings SHAME to PWE and it's parent Company, PWB (Perfect World Beijing). FW is a Flagship of Corporate Greed, and Poor Craftsmanship..

"Come, mourn with me! Practice well your Dirges, your Nocturnes, and your Vespers! Come grieve with me, Dark Children, and together we shall conduct a Grand Funeral, scored in blood!"

We shall hunt elsewhere for the promises left unfulfilled by this Forsaken World.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

02 03

It's so quiet. TOO quiet.

Even the Official Chinese forums are silent. The only new post in Official is one celebrating one of the forums "super moderators", Ness. Not much else happening, That's kind of to be expected, whereas it's traditional to use the Spring Festival (New Years) as a sort of "Christmas Vacation". It's not at all uncommon for people to take time off, and travel to visit family and loved ones. "Calm before the storm", seekers, "Calm before the storm". All the buzz in Official General forum is speculation about the upcoming beta.

In blog news, be sure to don your hardhat, and head on over to our friend Vahrna's "Journey through Forsaken World" blog. Under construction again, (already building and expanding!)
Be sure to add the site to your bookmarks, because "smart money" says that Vahrna's blog will be a cornerstone of the FW community. There's even an "interview" section up and running, and yours truly is honored to be the first entrant into that division.
Fortunately for me, I don't see blogging as a competition, because it is my firm belief that Vahrna's blog will easily cement it's reputation, once the floodgates open, and once more people know the glory that is Forsaken World.

Other than that, seekers, there's really not much else going on.

just remember...."Calm before the storm".

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