Let the gamer beware, Forsake this game!

Condolences, dear seekers, for Perfect World Entertainment's Forsaken World (formerly "Project EM"/PEM), MMORPG. This site was once filled with hope, but now serves as a warning to gamers with even the slightest glimmer of interest.

Forsaken World has been released in "Open Beta", and brings SHAME to PWE and it's parent Company, PWB (Perfect World Beijing). FW is a Flagship of Corporate Greed, and Poor Craftsmanship..

"Come, mourn with me! Practice well your Dirges, your Nocturnes, and your Vespers! Come grieve with me, Dark Children, and together we shall conduct a Grand Funeral, scored in blood!"

We shall hunt elsewhere for the promises left unfulfilled by this Forsaken World.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Vampire Class Skills

Vampire Class Skills
roughly translated from HERE
(work in progress)
Vampire skills
Skills Name   Icon Element type of injury   Skill    Type   Skill Effect
Shadow fluctuations
  Dark   Attack   100% base attack caused damage must pay extra attack power, the additional consumption of their own blood attached to a certain maximum attack, the probability attached to the target of the curse the dark, lower target hit, another chance to enter to use this skill has Xuemo state, Xue Mo under the pattern must be attached to the target of the Curse of Dark         
Vampire marks
  Dark   Attack   The basis of damage caused by attacks, additional striking power, in accordance with their percentage of the greatest vampire blood, the risk of blood curse attached to the target, the additional objective of the blood to reduce the ceiling, another chance to enter to use this skill has Xuemo state, Xue Mo bound to the target under the pattern Additional Blood Curse                                                                                       
Vampire form
  none   Special   Raise its attack power to enhance life, ceilings, increasing the speed to enhance the treatment capacity of six times after the end of the vampire attack patterns, another goal of killing 5 will resume within a maximum of life for self-value, entered into force only once an Vampire form                                                  
  BloodMagic attack
  Dark   Attack Can only be used in the form Vampire, vampire will be rapidly moved to the target side and attack targets, causing 100% damage-based attacks, and added an extra attacking edge, each time after use of the skills base will increase the attack damage, increasing consumption of magic to increase the cooling time, up to five-layer overlay                                             
Magic Flame Curse
  Flame   DoT   Limited within a certain range goal of all the flame into the magic curse state, in a magic flame cursed state goals are vampire skill attack magic is generated when the flame burning, stacking up to five times, while there are likely to use this skill to enter the state Vampire
Dark Pact
  None   Buff Cited its own blood as an instant treatment goals, use this skill a chance to enter the state Vampire
Operation evil flame
  Flame   Attack   Base attack damage caused by the additional attack power, chance to the target of a curse attached flame, sustained Diaoxie, another chance to enter to use this skill has Vampire, Xue Mo bound to the target under the form of a curse attached flame
Blood Feast
None AoE DoT  Vampire through the ability to control the blood within a certain range around the limited units are unable to move themselves and goals, objectives continued bleeding, Vampire continued to return to the blood
Blast of the Bat
None Buff  Vampire bats fly fast forward some distance, Vampire form will reduce the cooldown time
Blood Yu
None   Passive   Enhance the rate of return of blood
Huoxue surgery
None Buff   Vampire target will be given blood-sucking ability of the interim goals, the target is scheduled to have a certain blood-sucking skills, use this skill a chance to enter the stateVampire

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